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TPP #5 – Untitled

These wretched arms embrace the day

This taking

This giving

Leaves me sore

It shocks me the way you take so much more

My guilt is heavy

My guilt is heavy

It pulls my face down onto the floor

The simple reason that I long for your soul

Are also the ways I feel like a fool

It’s so sacred

and Righteous

And your tightness

Makes you appear too cruel

The last time I saw your face

You trusted me

Even less

It burns

So deep

October harvest we never reaped

And it’s over

Forever over

Your image runs like an hourglass

And it’s over

It was over fast

I wish I could forget your kaleidoscope lies

And I wish I could stop sucking in my pride

The loss of face that I have suffered

Makes my world crumble

My world is crumbling

My world is crumbling

And now I long for the strength to recover

And moreover

There’s dissension among the cells of my brain

Making me wonder if I am quite sane



I had an episode today

That reminded me of something in the way

You move

and that proves

That I must escape from you

TPP #4 – Once I was a sane man

Once I was a sane man

Before I saw the beast

Once I was a sane man

Until I ate the feast

Once I was a sane man

Until the coming of the bug

Once I was a sane man

But next week there came slugs

Once I was a sane man

Til I met the thing

Once I was a sane man

Til It started to sing

Once I was a sane man

But now the sky pours red

Once I was a sane man

But now I’ve lost my head

TPP # 3 – Wrong Holiday

I See Banana bits in my milkshake

Flushing through my sore throat worsening my headache

Down to my stomach, shiver up my back

Since I’m thinking of you, my words must lack

Most anyone else would say, “No big deal”

Why is it that I have to be bad to feel

The way I do when I think of you